Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Un-American Dream: A Hand-Out Nation!

The Un-American Dream

Many Americans are retiring to a life of welfare or SSI income at the ripe old age of 30 to 40 years old.  For extra income, some may panhandle or sell a few seemingly harmless prescription drugs on the street and this lifestyle is their vision, their dream, their UN-American dream.  Many of these people spend their pass-time getting high and remaining high on alcohol and drugs.  These persons may never pay a single penny of income tax, but in spite of that, over their lifetime, they will pull hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the government, or should we say, out of the hands of the honest and hard working tax payers.  

Don't get me wrong, there are legitimate reasons for welfare in my opinion and I am not making a blanket statement for all persons on that program or on the SSI disability program.  However, we all may know someone who is the person I described.  Not only has poverty become their way of life, it actually fits into their future vision.  What is utterly amazing is that our government allows and enhances this kind of lifestyle and behavior by many unwise practices and liberal mindsets. This person will vote for any candidate who is for socialistic programs, and is promising that people may suckle off the government breast all of their days.  Unfortunately, this candidate if elected or re-elected will break our country and render it unfix-able, unless decent and hard working people become involved and take back the nation for decent and hard working people.  

Then, there are working class people and middle income people who do not see a danger in a political candidate that is so liberal to the left they would have fit well in Communist Russia in its day and they would like to see the same for America.  Why would hard working Americans vote for our current liberal President?  Because they have forgotten that America runs well on free enterprise and can fix itself based on free enterprise, and they have not watched the current President's slow and gradual policies that erode all free enterprise, and they have decided to tolerate this man's UN-American dream for America.  

The Hollywood-ites who endorse this man for President are very ignorant because their wealth will go quickly if all of his UN-American dreams come to pass.  They do not believe this of him because they are desiring to believe about the man what is trendy in Hollywood and what their peers all see, like the Emperor's new clothes.  They are absolutely deceived and not viewing the man like many of us are.  

Lastly, many Christians are deceived and may or may not vote for the man, but they feel God will work it out and it is not Godly to become so involved in the political scene.  This attitude has been very destructive because Jesus gave us the way to take dominion over this earth and every demon trying to run it. 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Defeating Obama in November!

One of the most popular ways to go on the political attack right now is to bring accusation and mud against President Obama.  New books are coming out every day, and they range from facts about the foreign birth to his competency to his socialistic ties to his antics in the office of President.  I feel that many of these exposes' and statements about him as a man can possibly backfire in November.  The polls inch up and down, depending on what is going on that week or month in the news.  Some things make the man look good and some make him look bad.  He also is in a place to control the news, much more than Romney, as he is the acting President.  Who knows what he may have up his sleeve in the final two weeks before the election as an Executive maneuver for the seeming good of the country.  It is not wise in my mind to defame him and try to turn his voters against the man as they tend to dig in all the more when their hero is opposed.  There is inordinate affection for this man in many liberals and in many African Americans, and this cannot be erased easily or removed unless there is something deeper and more relevant to replace it with.

The best strategy in this writer's opinion is to discuss the freedom of America and cherishing that freedom and to discuss the perils of socialistic thinking and where it could take our nation.  We need to give an educational slant to voters and bring them back to an understanding of truth as it applies to what they learned as a child in school history and civics about America.  My novel Hungry Nation does this in an entertaining and subtle way.  In the novel, the hero is on a mission to see America restored and in his ongoing quest for the truth, his continual discovery is something that builds passion and patriotism in readers.  Obama has no chance against a true patriotic spirit being re-awakened in America, for millions have died for this American dream and patriotic spirit.  How wise is it to attack the man only to have another rise up just like him when we should attack the political garbage that he stands for?  Any ideology that brings more government, and raises the national debt, and creates more regulations, and polices us more, and tries to remove the wealthy by equalizing them to the poor, these are evils we should flee from and any person who endorses any political ideals like these should be removed from Washington DC with all fervor.  Get Hungry Nation when it is released, and join me in a movement back to sanity and freedom as a nation.

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Greg Nichols

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hungry Nation, Reality or Fantasy: from the Author!

Some will wonder whether they are reading reality or fantasy in the pages of Hungry Nation!  The reason is because there are other worldly creatures, demons, fallen angels and angels and strange beings in the pages of this novel. Christians will know that there is a reality whenever spiritual beings from scripture are described.  The novel reveals God's Kingdom and Satan's kingdom and the conflict over the souls of men.  The political intrigue is heightened by seeing how the enemy of man plays into the equation. 

You are quickly brought to reality when the three ex Navy Seals use their skills in stealth and combat to provide protection to the main character of the story.  His name is Justin, and he and his wife Angie are gradually learning how to walk in the dominion of Christ throughout the story.  The dominion is something the frogmen do not understand, but gladly welcome in the face of danger.  Nothing about the novel is ever as it seems but the love of God in Christ Jesus is evident all through the novel.  This book is a teaching tool as well as an evangelistic tool for anyone who reads it.  You just pass it on to someone you love, and they will read it, because it is great entertainment.  The truth of God will seep into their minds through osmosis, and a crop of the Kingdom will be the following harvest. 

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Americans Boiling Like Lobsters!

Hungry Nation

"Americans are like lobsters slowly boiling, we won't know we have lost our freedom until we are practically dead from the heat."    Greg Nichols, from Hungry Nation
A Christian journalist has a chance with God's help to turn the tide of socialism in America back, with help from friends, but soon his life is threatened by liberal elitist thugs who have been assigned to kill him.  A wealthy conservative businessman who needs America to return to what it was hires three former Navy Seals to protect the journalist and his wife, and the fight is on. This patriotic novel is a political intrigue with a Christian message and it borderlines on thriller/horror, as the fears of many in our nation right now about financial collapse come to fruition in the pages of this novel with America on the brink of starvation. The motto of the hero is..."A nation that is hungry for God will not go hungry."  Nothing is ever as it seems in this novel with plot twists and turns and a huge surprise that delivers goosebumps and tears.  Although this novel will scare the Hell out of this nation, literally, hope is found in its pages for where we are all at right now!  The spirit realm is exposed in this novel for the reader, both light and dark, and this is a story of good triumphing over evil. This is a must read for all who love America.  Anyone who reads this novel will be voting anti-left this November, for sure.

This novel is an inspirational and yet very sobering view of America through the eyes of the main character, Justin Brooks.  Justin is a journalist and he and his wife get caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue and danger because Justin as a man of God is outspoken publicly against socialism and communism and a corrupt group called the leftist elite take notice and threaten his life.  A liberal President is in office and up for re-election, and the country is leaning towards socialism more every day.  God gives Justin a dream about the people of America literally starving, there is a food shortage in his dream, and the dream is very apocalyptic.  Hellish winged creatures are revealed in the dream and these creatures are the true face of socialism in real form.  Wherever socialism is thriving in the world, these creatures are there instigating evil and destruction but they cannot be seen by people.  To embrace socialism is to embrace these creatures and work along side of them and be used by them to enslaved humanity.

Justin uses his position with a national newspaper and his column to bring insights to America, but finds he must take measures for his own safety and that of his family.  A team of retired Navy Seals are hired to protect Justin by a wealthy conservative businessman and the fight is on.  Justin is impressed by the skills of the Seals and they do not know what to think of the supernatural realm that Justin is involved with through His relationship with Jesus Christ and a spiritual father by the name of Duffy French. Duffy is truly a supernatural man, and Justin is on the same road of destiny with God as Duffy.  Included in this novel are fight scenes, weapons, action and angelic activity that leaves the frogmen scratching their heads.

If you love God and want to see the heart of Jesus in some story characters, read this book. If the activity of angels and demons and evil ruling principalities and hellish winged creatures interests you, then reading this novel is a must.  If you love America and want to see the return of the right wing and freedom loving political party, and less government, then reading and sharing this novel will be strategic.  If you have a loved one who is liberal and does not see the harm in the current President and his philosophies, then share this book with them after you read it, for socialism, communism, totalitarianism and fascism are all spelled out in high clarity for anyone to understand.  Also, freedom and free enterprise also are explained and applauded in the pages of this book, as well as free enterprise's relation to our economic recovery.  Many Presidents and American heroes are quoted in the pages of Hungry Nation.  There are also plot twists and turns, to keep readers guessing.  It is unknown whether this book is political, economic, spiritual, a horror, a mystery, a civics lesson, or all of those rolled into one book. 

If this country stays on its current course, it will indeed be a hungry nation.  Help us Lord!  

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