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Is America Becoming George's Orwell's Animal Farm?

The essay below was written by the main character, Justin Brooks, in the novel, Hungry Nation, written by Greg Nichols.  It is timely today, read it carefully. 

“Hungry Nation:
An American Animal Farm

By Justin Brooks

     The political face of America has drastically changed over the last few years.  Many Americans do not understand this change, and many feel the change is not so bad.  The first droplets of an approaching torrential downpour of social change that is reflected in socialism are refreshing, and seem to be very long awaited.  People want to see their government take action and solve issues.  So the silver lining of early socialism in a nation does not last, and human nature is the root cause.  The temptation to seize control of a weakened nation that feels it must turn to socialism to repair its problems is a great one; those in power with the ability to seize control must grab that control and use a vice-like grip to keep that control.  This is the human nature factor, and because of this, socialistic regimes are quite predictable. 

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”      Thomas Jefferson

     As this quote of Thomas Jefferson suggests, the introduction of socialism to a nation is a pretense and a ploy to seize power by a few power hungry people.  In a socialistic society, there is always one party who will not live equally with all the rest of the nation in commonality, and that party is the ruling party.  Next, that party must develop a police force of considerable might, such as the Gestapo or KGB, to oppress and terrorize the people by keeping them in line or to turn over any uprisings of patriots who feel the system is unfair or want their old freedoms back and are trying to preserve the few freedoms they have left.  Once full-fledged socialism has set in, the lack of freedom is dreadfully evident and very nearly intolerable.

     In the 1940’s, author George Orwell wrote the novel Animal Farm as a response to Totalitarian, Socialistic and Communist regimes, such as Hitler’s in Germany, and Communism in Russia.  

       The novel is still a brilliant look at human nature, or should I say “the animal nature” behind socialism.  In the novel, an allegory is made when a human farmer is very harsh and mean to his animals, and does not care for them properly.  Finally, out of desperation, the animals overthrow the farmer and take over the farm, driving the farmer out.  It is a refreshing new feeling to the animals as they are excited to have a say in the running of the farm.  The idealism is short lived as the pigs of the farm, who feel they are more intelligent than the other animals, seize control of the farm through deceit and manipulation.  They are working under the pretense of having more intelligence.  These pigs represent the liberal left of a society.  They are drunk on power and want more.  The pigs begin to live opulently on the sweat of the other animals, creating for themselves a type of upper class.  They raise a litter of puppies that grow to be large vicious dogs and they set them in place as an SS or Gestapo-like force that brutalizes or even executes the other animals that will not come into agreement with the pigs’ policies of a totalitarian style government.  As a result, the other animals begin to face starvation due to a lack of food because the ruling party, the pigs, was siphoning off more than their share of the supplies as they continued to live lavishly.  The dream that was Animal Farm has gone very wrong and it is sad and frightful to say the least.  The symbolism of this novel is now all too eerie for a savvy American to gloss over as just a children’s story.  I urge every American to get their hands on this short novel as there are millions of copies in print and it has been out in circulation for decades.  But as you read it, you will see that it looks as if it was written for America as she is right now.

       America has a chance in an upcoming election to overturn this evil agenda that could leave our Nation in utter disrepair so much so that it could take one hundred years to remedy or rebuild.  Socialism is evil, and at all costs should be cast off, resisted, blocked, and halted in this Nation.

        One of the strongest characteristics of socialism is the gradually increasing lack of freedom.  Many Americans have begun to grow more and more use to this in our Nation’s 200 years.  The oppressive government machine in socialism spits out its citizens, and treads them under the wheels of the ruling elite.  The evil face behind socialism can manifest itself very quickly if the nation’s people are ignorant enough to tolerate these kinds of political agendas for even a moment of time.  Do not follow the candidate with the seeming praiseworthy solutions for change and for a utopia of the future; this is a fa├žade of evil and you will ultimately sell your liberty, even your very soul for an empty promise.  The Government cannot and should not pay for all of your problems, no matter how much you need them to or would like them to.  It cannot afford it; you will pay it back in the end.  The Government also must not control business and manipulate it and remove the “free” enterprise segment of our society.  The opportunity, privilege, and right of every man or woman in a free country is to own a business that is not run or manipulated or owned by its government. 

“Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread.”     Thomas Jefferson

     The result of thinking that the government is the answer for our woes is loaded with land mines and pitfalls that are invisible and unknown.  However, history confirms that the people will suffer with poverty and oppression and starvation if freedom is not the course they are on.  Millions of Americans actually are not concerned whether we are encumbered with socialistic, freedom restricting programs or not.  There are also Americans who feel that full blown Communism is the solution to problems.  There is a progression to the stripping away of liberty and freedom; of first socialism, then totalitarianism, then fascism and/or communism.  People soon forget that these forms of government caused the murders of millions of people worldwide in the last hundred years or so.  The deception that it can help us is birthed in Hell, and spiritual beings that are supernatural in nature are in this Earth influencing mankind to accept this evil doctrine.  Karl Marx, the father of Communism was demon possessed.  Listen to this quote by him:  “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy Capitalism.”  Why would anyone want to follow a person who is that ignorant or deceived?  Anyone declaring war on God is insane or possessed, or both.
     Let us learn the lesson well of the animals in the novel, Animal Farm.  Let us demonstrate a thinking power and a prayer life that results in the wisdom worthy of our forefathers when they founded this great nation of America.  Let us have freedom for every man, woman, and child in America.  We must cast off all socialistic trends as well as the leaders that promote and encourage them.  The time is now; we no longer have the luxury to wait and see what happens or hope that someone else will take care of it.  If you are an American, it is up to you.

Justin Brooks, Main Character, and Blog Guest Writer

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Micah the Angel (Character Spotlight)

Micah the angel is a great character in Hungry Nation.  He is humble but very powerful, and he sticks to his job orders from Heaven and never waivers.  Micah serves the believers, that is what he was created for.  Once you read Hungry Nation, you won't soon forget Micah.  

Here is an excerpt about Micah and Justin, the hero of the story:

Justin woke up with a start to a loud shrill cry outside his home.  Trying not to wake Angie, he carefully got up and grabbed one crutch to support him and walked out of the bedroom in his pajamas and slippers.  He went to the front door, unlocked it and went outside.  In the distance he saw a winged creature flying away, still letting out the loud shrill cries as it went.  He limped gingerly down the porch steps and into his front yard so that he could look back up on the roof of his house.  Sure enough, the angel was still sitting there.  He was excited.  The angel looked at him and smiled.  Justin went as close as he could to the side of the house so as to still keep the angel in view and spoke to it.  “Are you an angel from God?”
            The angel was slow to speak anything.  He looked down at Justin and then looked back out in the distance and then looked around the area.  His gaze came back to Justin and he fixed his eyes on him and spoke, “Yes, I am an angel of the Lord God.”
            Justin noticed he spoke in a soft but strong clear voice.  Justin asked, “What is your name?”
            The angel responded, “I am called Micah.”
            Justin wanted to know many things.  Maybe this angel would tell him.  He asked, “Why are you on my roof?”
            Micah, seeming amused, smiled at Justin.  “Why Justin, you ordered me here weeks ago.”
            Justin looked confused.  “You know my name?”
            Micah nodded his head and answered, “Yes, many of us know your name.”
            The answer amazed and puzzled Justin.  He asked, “When did I order you here?”
            “You did this after the night you had the spirit of fear in your bedroom.  Angie rebuked it and made it leave and the next morning on your drive to work you declared the blood of our Lord around you and her and you declared angels around yourselves and your home.”

End of excerpt!

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