Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why I wrote Hungry Nation, by Greg Nichols

I wrote Hungry Nation for many reasons, but the main reason is that I desire to see Americans have more interest in their country, government and politics, and the principles and concepts that this great nation was founded upon. I am a fan of George Orwell and his two famous novels, 1984 and Animal Farm. My goal was to use this novel, Hungry Nation, to reveal to this generation how America could quite easily slip into socialism and totalitarianism if its people don’t become aware of what is going on in America; if they have no knowledge of past history in other nations and the mistakes made by those of the past. Many current teen action novels, and the movies adapted from them, use backdrops of police states and regimes, and the young heroes and heroines must overcome great odds under huge oppression. But it may be that those movie watchers and novel fans say, "Not here, not my country, not in America." 

The bell of liberty is cracked, and so is liberty!

My intent with Hungry Nation is to show that this could in fact easily happen in America. Through the liberal mindset, many foundations have already been laid in place and unexpected and terrible things could happen very suddenly. The result would be that our old beloved America would be gone forever! We cannot let that happen! Follow Justin Brooks on a path in this novel to greater awareness and then get involved so we can stay a free nation!

Greg Nichols