Thursday, September 4, 2014

How Hungry Will a Nation Get?

Food and Water Crisis?

Hungry Nation is a novel about a potential food crisis, but it is so much more than that. Is it prophetic? How much do I tell disbelieving people about what I see in our future?  No one likes a doomsayer or a gloomy person. But if I told you 5 years ago that soon we would see American's beheaded routinely on video by militant Islam, and no one doing anything about it, you would have thought me a lunatic. America is in debt to China, and China has become an economic enemy.  Russia is also now not in good relations with America. Some of these countries have the power to collapse our dollar and Americans have no concept of this fact, as they go about living shallowly self absorbed lives. A collapse could stop services in America, even if only temporarily.  That would be all the time needed to throw America into the dark ages without resources for its people. 

I could see the National Guard and Army having to distribute food and water, but you know that would not be enough to go around to all.  People who prepare would have an advantage to help themselves and family and friends. People who scoff at writings like this and refuse to think about their families will be the ones to become the most outraged, in a shortage, particularly against the ones that did prepare. 

Where would God be in all of this? Maybe He is in the early warning here. Maybe God is asking us to prepare spiritually and in the physical realm too. Maybe people have to go through a few things to really wake up in our nation.  In the novel, God gives the hero a strategy to help people called Concentric Circles. It is a supply and storage program but also evangelistic and miraculous too. This author does not see a lack of faith in preparing your family for a food and water shortage, not any more than setting up storage for being snowed in or a time when you knew you'd be house bound for a period. That is just good planning. This is called prudence and diligence, which are both Biblical terms. If you agree with me on this issue, then stay with me in the blogging.  You can set your computer to receive any update this blog creates.  Subscribe to posts at the bottom of the blog. God has shown me to write about miracle food supply. That will be interspersed in with practical helps and natural means. Watch for the next entry. 

God bless,
Greg Nichols