Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Harm is there in Socialism?

The adoption of socialism brings about the death of free enterprise, and leaves a void and gap in the productivity of the nation!   As the deluded government who believes socialism is profitable walks into the trap of socialism, they tap the coffers of the country totally draining them, bringing about a borrowing and debt spirit, furthering the curse over the country.  Precious things like medical research and development hit the skids and leaves the country stunted in the ability to help its people. 

Barack Obama is a socialist and so is Hillary Clinton.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other Obama-ites are all socialists.  Vladimir Putin warned our nation around the last 2012 elections.  He said, "Do not embrace socialism and communism, we are moving away from it in Russia, because it failed.  America is moving towards it."  If the supposed "hope and change" Obama promised is from free enterprise to socialism, then we were sold a lie and a bill of goods.  

We were in a slump, and we had just been through a collapse of banking in 2006-2008, and the country's answer was to elect a socialist and communist, Barack Obama.  This was done through ignorance, and the country being mesmerized by good speeches, without any real knowledge of governments and history.  Electing Obama was like pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out.  The country is now paying for it. 

Now lastly, the entry of Socialism brings about the need for a police state, to bring order to civil unrest over a nation that wants its former financial abundance and freedom back.  Control by government always comes with Socialism and Communism.  History of nations that adopt socialism shows this principle. The loss of free enterprise creates the loss of personal freedoms.  Our US citizens saw much proof of a stepping up and even over-step of the FBI, the DHS, and the NSA and the CIA during the Obama years. Tanks and other military transports were seen moving around the nation at peace time.  The Obama Administration carried out a routine purging of the military high ranking officers, removing those who do not share his liberal and socialistic agenda of control, even by violence, on the American people. These are the preparatory steps of the control needed to enforce Socialism, which then becomes full blown Communism.  Obama did not accidentally fall into this path.  This political agenda was the plan all along.

These are a few points that indicate great harm in the direction of our nation.  I wrote them to stimulate thought in my readers.

Greg Nichols