Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Terror of Yoergameth!


A coming novel from Greg Nichols

Colin's world has turned upside down.  A great evil has come upon the land. Monstrous beings stalk the forests, and children are often not safe in the own beds. Young Colin, a skilled swordsman, is seeking answers, and he and his young friends will stop at nothing to save their people and their land. Katherine, Colin's beautiful love interest and intended bride is by his side, and together, they will face the dark mystery of Yoergameth.  Katherine is a warrior in her own right, and uses a crossbow as her main weapon. The very name, Yoergameth, causes a hush and solemness in any group where the word is spoken.  

Legends speak of a far away King who has given up on and forsaken their land and their village, and turned it over to Yoergameth. Colin and Katherine are seeking a village elder who knows of this King, and also of, Yoergameth.  A quest, a great adventure and great battle ensue as good tries to face down evil,  and evil could not be more dangerous.

Coming soon, watch for this in 2015.

Greg Nichols