Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sig the Martial Artist! (A Hungry Nation Character Spotlight!)

One of the most colorful characters in the novel Hungry Nation is ex Navy Seal, Sig, AKA, Derek Singer.  Sig is nicknamed for his favorite weapon, the Sig Sauer 9 mm hand weapon. Sig is an ex-Navy Seal who is highly trained in the martial arts. This one man wrecking crew was the best the Seals had in hand to hand combat. Lately though, he likes to take down street predators. In an apocalyptic America, this could come in handy. But Sig never sees the power of God coming.

Read this novel excerpt about Sig:

A few months after the Sacramento incident, he was in Merced, California and was walking on the main street downtown. He passed by three men who had turned all of their attention on him. As he passed them, they began to slowly follow him. He went further up the street where it had become less populated and was darker. Suddenly the three hostiles came upon him quickly. One came face to face and put up his fists and said, “Come on, let’s see what you got.” There is something about being on someone else's turf, something animalistic as when animals mark their area by urinating on the perimeters. If you are a stranger and are crazy enough to walk their turf at night and blatantly display no fear, you are throwing a challenge out to the locals that must be met. As that first hostile engaged him head on in a fistfight and danced around, Sig sensed the second hostile coming up on his right side and he was swinging a lock-in-a-sock. This accounted for the false bravery in the first man. A “lock-in-a-sock” is simply a solid padlock in the bottom of a sock. This creates a near deadly weapon. Sig easily dodged the sock and then roundhouse kicked that man with his right leg and caught him squarely in the temple. That man went out like a light and fell limp to the ground. The first man was still swinging his fist towards Sig who then parried the swing and glided the man’s arm right past him, only to back knuckle the back of his head as he went past Sig. This was a blow that probably had caused the man to see stars as he collapsed to his knees. The third hostile now had a knife out and was circling Sig. Sig knew how to protect himself against knives and effectively disarm a combatant with one. This had been drilled into him in the Navy and he had also learned some additional moves from his extra martial arts classes. Sig stepped inside and wrist-locked the knife hand and peeled the man back over by stepping through with his right foot which put the man on the ground. Sig took the knife from him while twisting his arm up behind and then Sig stuck the knife firmly and forcefully into the man’s hamstring muscle. The man cried out in agonizing pain.

End of excerpt!   

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Edge of Your Seat Pre-Apocalyptic Novel!

Hungry Nation, the Novel, Coming Soon!
Written by one of our editors:

"Cross Frank Peretti with Joel Rosenberg, and you’ve got Greg Nichols – a master of socio-political intrigue with the revelation of spiritual dominion.  Relentlessly eye-opening and frighteningly based upon current political and economic directions, Nichols weaves an edge-of-your-seat pre-apocalyptic adventure.  Laced with fundamental governmental truths, the parallel reality of the spiritual realm, and the fierce allegiance of fearless patriots, Hungry Nation will strike a chord in the loyal American, and raise a warning flag over a nation in distress. It is a novel of both great alarm, and of great hope."

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