Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hungry Nation, the Novel, is Available on Kindle!

"A nation that is hungry for God will not go hungry."

You can now order Hungry Nation on Kindle at Amazon.com.  The price is $9.99 for this digital version.   Follow Justin Brooks, his wife Angie, Duffy French, and the three ex-Navy Seals in the adventure and terror of a lifetime, as this patriotic group are used by God in praying for and helping America put off a regime change, one of socialistic proportions.

Order the Kindle version of Hungry Nation here. 

Greg Nichols

Ordering details and bulk purchases here:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

More Hungry Nation Facts - An American Novel

HUNGRY NATION FACTS: The novel is about a growing confrontation between believers who know who they are in Christ, and the evil wicked beings behind much of the evil in America. Hungry Nation presents the gospel through and through, from conversions to Christ, to out and out warfare with demons, and it is a great tool for family members on the fence about Christianity that also highly entertains. I guarantee you though, a Progressive liberal will probably not like it, as it exposes socialism, communism and the devils behind those things, and, it sounds off many of the founding fathers of America through quotes and their philosophies. The Dominion of Christ is thoroughly displayed in this novel, as well as hope for America, even now. 

Greg Nichols 
Order at http://hungrynation.net

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hungry Nation: A Shockingly Entertaining Novel About America!

Order this action packed thriller today, with its twists and turns, and amazing insights about America, as our founding fathers desired it to be, and as it is now.  See Heavenly and hellish beings revealed in this story of fiction, based on our realities, and good against evil.  A small band of freedom lovers including a man of God and 3 ex-Navy Seals come against great odds in a fight for their very lives.  This novel is hard to put down, but when you do, you will understand and appreciate America in a whole new way. 

or at Amazon.com: 

or at Barnes and Noble:

Greg Nichols

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hungry Nation Ordering and Publisher Website!

The reality of the invisible Kingdom of God and Satan's kingdom bring this novel spiritually alive.  See ordering information and my publisher's website they made for the novel.

Greg Nichols

National Press Release for Hungry Nation!

Hungry Nation is a tale of God, His Son Jesus, a man of God who has a great destiny, and of America, the greatest modern nation ever raised up by God!

Greg Nichols

Monday, June 15, 2015

Today Hungry Nation is Being Printed!

"A nation that is hungry for God will not go hungry!"

Today, June 15, 2015, we were notified that our book was published.  It is not up yet today on Amazon.com or Barns and Noble, but will be anytime. We as the authors will also be supplying consumers by mail order from our own location.  The paperback is $16.95 and the hardback is $24.95. The Kindle version at Amazon.com will be available for $9.99.  

This fiction novel is quite unlike any book out there right now. It is thrilling and deep, with spiritual revelation and political and patriotic insights.  Some may mistake it for non fiction. 

Order at this link:

You can stay tuned to our next release in the series by subscribing to this blog or by visiting our website once and awhile.  That site is http://hungrynation.net !

Greg Nichols