Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fantasy or Reality?

Some will wonder whether they are reading reality or fantasy in the pages of Hungry Nation!  The reason is because there are other worldly creatures and angels and strange beings in the pages of this novel. Christians will know that there is a reality whenever spiritual beings from scripture are described.  The novel reveals God's Kingdom and Satan's kingdom and the conflict over the souls of men.  The political intrigue is heightened by seeing how the enemy of man plays into the equation. 

You are quickly brought to reality when the three ex Navy Seals use their skills in stealth and combat to provide protection to the main character of the story.  His name is Justin, and he and his wife Angie are gradually learning how to walk in the dominion of Christ throughout the story.  The dominion is something the frogmen do not understand, but gladly welcome in the face of danger.  Nothing about the novel is ever as it seems but the love of God in Christ Jesus is evident all through the novel.  This book is a teaching tool as well as an evangelistic tool for anyone who reads it.  You just pass it on to someone you love, and they will read it, because it is great entertainment.  The truth of God will seep into their minds through osmosis, and a crop of the Kingdom will be the following harvest. 

Until next time,
Greg Nichols