Thursday, September 4, 2014

How Hungry Will a Nation Get?

Food and Water Crisis?

Hungry Nation is a novel about a potential food crisis, but it is so much more than that. Is it prophetic? How much do I tell disbelieving people about what I see in our future?  No one likes a doomsayer or a gloomy person. But if I told you 5 years ago that soon we would see American's beheaded routinely on video by militant Islam, and no one doing anything about it, you would have thought me a lunatic. America is in debt to China, and China has become an economic enemy.  Russia is also now not in good relations with America. Some of these countries have the power to collapse our dollar and Americans have no concept of this fact, as they go about living shallowly self absorbed lives. A collapse could stop services in America, even if only temporarily.  That would be all the time needed to throw America into the dark ages without resources for its people. 

I could see the National Guard and Army having to distribute food and water, but you know that would not be enough to go around to all.  People who prepare would have an advantage to help themselves and family and friends. People who scoff at writings like this and refuse to think about their families will be the ones to become the most outraged, in a shortage, particularly against the ones that did prepare. 

Where would God be in all of this? Maybe He is in the early warning here. Maybe God is asking us to prepare spiritually and in the physical realm too. Maybe people have to go through a few things to really wake up in our nation.  In the novel, God gives the hero a strategy to help people called Concentric Circles. It is a supply and storage program but also evangelistic and miraculous too. This author does not see a lack of faith in preparing your family for a food and water shortage, not any more than setting up storage for being snowed in or a time when you knew you'd be house bound for a period. That is just good planning. This is called prudence and diligence, which are both Biblical terms. If you agree with me on this issue, then stay with me in the blogging.  You can set your computer to receive any update this blog creates.  Subscribe to posts at the bottom of the blog. God has shown me to write about miracle food supply. That will be interspersed in with practical helps and natural means. Watch for the next entry. 

God bless,
Greg Nichols

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Terror of Yoergameth!


A coming novel from Greg Nichols

Colin's world has turned upside down.  A great evil has come upon the land. Monstrous beings stalk the forests, and children are often not safe in the own beds. Young Colin, a skilled swordsman, is seeking answers, and he and his young friends will stop at nothing to save their people and their land. Katherine, Colin's beautiful love interest and intended bride is by his side, and together, they will face the dark mystery of Yoergameth.  Katherine is a warrior in her own right, and uses a crossbow as her main weapon. The very name, Yoergameth, causes a hush and solemness in any group where the word is spoken.  

Legends speak of a far away King who has given up on and forsaken their land and their village, and turned it over to Yoergameth. Colin and Katherine are seeking a village elder who knows of this King, and also of, Yoergameth.  A quest, a great adventure and great battle ensue as good tries to face down evil,  and evil could not be more dangerous.

Coming soon, watch for this in 2015.

Greg Nichols

Friday, May 16, 2014

America Hangs in the Balance!!

Hungry Nation, the novel, is almost here. America of the novel Hungry Nation is in trouble, just as our own America in reality is in trouble. See how God leads a group of heroes to do battle with spiritual evil that is coming against America. This novel finds Justin Brooks alive and well just 13 years after the millennium episode which almost took America down. Now Justin must find it in himself, again, with God's help, to combat an old foe again.  

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Greg Nichols
Author - Hungry Nation

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Harm is there in Socialism?

The adoption of socialism brings about the death of free enterprise, and leaves a void and gap in the productivity of the nation!   As the deluded government who believes socialism is profitable walks into the trap of socialism, they tap the coffers of the country totally draining them, bringing about a borrowing and debt spirit, furthering the curse over the country.  Precious things like medical research and development hit the skids and leaves the country stunted in the ability to help its people. 

Barack Obama is a socialist and so is Hillary Clinton.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other Obama-ites are all socialists.  Vladimir Putin warned our nation around the last 2012 elections.  He said, "Do not embrace socialism and communism, we are moving away from it in Russia, because it failed.  America is moving towards it."  If the supposed "hope and change" Obama promised is from free enterprise to socialism, then we were sold a lie and a bill of goods.  

We were in a slump, and we had just been through a collapse of banking in 2006-2008, and the country's answer was to elect a socialist and communist, Barack Obama.  This was done through ignorance, and the country being mesmerized by good speeches, without any real knowledge of governments and history.  Electing Obama was like pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out.  The country is now paying for it. 

Now lastly, the entry of Socialism brings about the need for a police state, to bring order to civil unrest over a nation that wants its former financial abundance and freedom back.  Control by government always comes with Socialism and Communism.  History of nations that adopt socialism shows this principle. The loss of free enterprise creates the loss of personal freedoms.  Our US citizens saw much proof of a stepping up and even over-step of the FBI, the DHS, and the NSA and the CIA during the Obama years. Tanks and other military transports were seen moving around the nation at peace time.  The Obama Administration carried out a routine purging of the military high ranking officers, removing those who do not share his liberal and socialistic agenda of control, even by violence, on the American people. These are the preparatory steps of the control needed to enforce Socialism, which then becomes full blown Communism.  Obama did not accidentally fall into this path.  This political agenda was the plan all along.

These are a few points that indicate great harm in the direction of our nation.  I wrote them to stimulate thought in my readers.

Greg Nichols

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Ancient Alien Fable is Alive and Well!


This used to be one of my favorite channels until the producers starting using drugs or something. Now, Ancient Aliens seems to be on much of the air time. I am sorry if some of you believe this stuff, I am going to rant anyway. The archeologists and professors and scientists they have on there seem to talk like this is not theory, but all provable. The have their beliefs but they do not use science, for any findings they make are based not on neutrality but on prejudice. Mankind is letting their imaginations go towards doctrines of demons more every day. Imagine them calling these fables "history." I read Erich von Daniken's "Chariot's of the Gods" in 1973 at 18 years old as an unbeliever, and did not believe it then, and now as a Bible believer, it fits even less into the truth of the Word of God.

Once these people who share on Ancient Aliens accept the alien connection as part of our past, in their thinking, their common sense walls seem to go down and then they accept most of our earth legends and myths as truth. They believe there was a real Thor and his hammer, his father Odin, etc., they believe in King Arthur and his Excalibur sword, they believe in Zeus and the Greek gods and Mount Olympus, and so on and so on, because it all now fits under the umbrella of Ancient Aliens. Do you see how dangerous this all is to people as it dilutes the Word of God and the historical truth of it, blending it all into legends?

These people have Jesus and His Father and the angels all reduced to aliens who visited earth in the distant past. This is all because they do not believe people could have moved the stones to the pyramids, or set up keen star charts with the Mayan temples or moved the multi-ton statues out on Easter Island, etc, etc, etc. This is because they accepted evolution in their early training and cannot conceive that man was better then, as our gene pool has declined instead of evolved. Yes, we live longer due to medical science, but we have the dark ages and middle ages to thank for that. Man once lived 969 years and had enormous brain power. It is believed that Enoch mapped our stars. It is also believed and I believe it that man was not limited to sea travel by ship, as ancient man in God's Holy Spirit used to transport around the globe, and Bible gives many accounts of such tele-transportation. I believe some of God's great men of renown as the Bible calls them were involved in the pyramids, and in other great feats of architecture. No aliens brought us along, in technology and in science, God did that, and He is not an alien, He is the Creator, and the earth is much younger than most of these people think. I believe the Jewish calendar (5774) and the Roman calendar (2014) to both be off, but only by less than 50 years, either one. 

Clarification: "but we have the dark ages and middle ages to thank for that." Mankind digressed physically for awhile in the middle ages because they fell away from God and could not hear His voice, and lost much of the knowledge of God, which the Church is now regaining and has been since 1906 and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Greg Nichols

Coming novel:

Monday, January 27, 2014

God's Love to a Hungry Nation!

 "nothing can separate us from the love of Christ..."

FREEDOM, FREE ENTERPRISE - Stop Progressive or Democratic Socialism: 

I finished writing this novel Hungry Nation, in June of 2012. I see now that the political climate makes this book very relevant now even more than ever since in the coming election, socialism is a huge issue. This novel is a look at advancing socialism and communism and tyranny, vs free enterprise, freedom and smaller government. 

You can read more about my novel at this website:

God bless,
Greg Nichols

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Understanding Hungry Nation!

The teachings of Jesus and Paul in the New Testament are the use of spiritual warfare against spiritual darkness, and obeying the laws of Caesar, even when Rome was oppressive and Jesus or Paul disagreed with them.  The message of our novel is warring in the heaven-lies against God's enemies who are not flesh and blood and having no planned or open violence against ruling human authorities.  Our novel goes deeply into the the spirit world and sets the stage for the reader to understand their role in the real world, thereby, life imitating art for the good of America.  

Justin Brooks is God's man as the main character of Hungry Nation and we see his character and his Divine revelation slowly grow in the novel, as he fights evil and realizes his authority in Christ!  Duffy French is Justin's mentor and spiritual father who guides Justin, and gives him keys while giving him freedom to make mistakes. 

Watch for the novel to be released soon at, in paperback.  More can be seen at the following website.  

Also watch for the 2nd book to be released about 6 months after the first one.

Greg Nichols
Author - Hungry Nation