Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hungry Nation, a Christian Thriller Novel!

Imagine a scenario where the economy in America collapses, and civil unrest and a government crackdown on the people results! How do strong believers respond? What if one man can see demons and angels wherever he is, a powerful gift from God, and he sees how the demons are feeding the situation and angels helping? What if a group of Godly patriots try to come against the evil plans for the nation? Bone chilling? Thrilling? Ought to be a movie or a novel, is, I wrote it. Get your author signed copy. It is called, Hungry Nation, by Greg Nichols 

Greg Nichols

See my fiction thriller novel - Hungry Nation about evil in government and a small group of praying believers defying it.  It is Socialism vs Free Enterprise, and Police State vs Freedom and Liberty.   It's on sale for $14 plus shipping!   
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