Friday, November 2, 2012

Micah the Angel (Character Spotlight)

Micah the angel is a great character in Hungry Nation.  He is humble but very powerful, and he sticks to his job orders from Heaven and never waivers.  Micah serves the believers, that is what he was created for.  Once you read Hungry Nation, you won't soon forget Micah.  

Here is an excerpt about Micah and Justin, the hero of the story:

Justin woke up with a start to a loud shrill cry outside his home.  Trying not to wake Angie, he carefully got up and grabbed one crutch to support him and walked out of the bedroom in his pajamas and slippers.  He went to the front door, unlocked it and went outside.  In the distance he saw a winged creature flying away, still letting out the loud shrill cries as it went.  He limped gingerly down the porch steps and into his front yard so that he could look back up on the roof of his house.  Sure enough, the angel was still sitting there.  He was excited.  The angel looked at him and smiled.  Justin went as close as he could to the side of the house so as to still keep the angel in view and spoke to it.  “Are you an angel from God?”
            The angel was slow to speak anything.  He looked down at Justin and then looked back out in the distance and then looked around the area.  His gaze came back to Justin and he fixed his eyes on him and spoke, “Yes, I am an angel of the Lord God.”
            Justin noticed he spoke in a soft but strong clear voice.  Justin asked, “What is your name?”
            The angel responded, “I am called Micah.”
            Justin wanted to know many things.  Maybe this angel would tell him.  He asked, “Why are you on my roof?”
            Micah, seeming amused, smiled at Justin.  “Why Justin, you ordered me here weeks ago.”
            Justin looked confused.  “You know my name?”
            Micah nodded his head and answered, “Yes, many of us know your name.”
            The answer amazed and puzzled Justin.  He asked, “When did I order you here?”
            “You did this after the night you had the spirit of fear in your bedroom.  Angie rebuked it and made it leave and the next morning on your drive to work you declared the blood of our Lord around you and her and you declared angels around yourselves and your home.”

End of excerpt!

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